Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan announces a competition: Justice Authorities in the sight of a mass media

Annex 1
 to the order of the Ministry of Justice
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
from May
31st , 2008 43
REGULATION of the competition:
 Justice Authorities: in the sight of a mass media
The Regulation defines general rules and an order of carrying out of the competition Justice Authorities: in the sight of a mass media.
I. General regulations.
1. With a view of truthful and objective informing of  broad masses about the essence and the content of the legislative documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan, increasing of the  quality  broadcasts on the central and local TV, radio, on print editions and Internet web sites of the activities which are being carried out in the system of justice to increasing legal culture, announces a competition for journalists.
2. The staff of jury of the competition consists of lawyers, skilled journalists of TV, radio and Internet journalism and the members of the Creative union of journalists of Uzbekistan.
II. Conditions of the competition.
3. The prizes of the Ministry of Justice are awarded according to the following criteria: 
1)     degree of disclosure of the socially-legal importance of illustrated questions, its essence and value;
2)     accessible and thematic representation of a material;
3)     original, creative representation of  a material;
4)     wider disclosure of the importance of reforms in judicial-legal system;  
5)     the analysis of actions and their results which are carried out by establishments of the justice system;
6)      propaganda and explanation of legislative documents, informing of wide public of their essence, value and the purposes in clear and accessible language.
4. Each material is evaluated on five-point rating system.
5. The quantity of the presented materials should not be less than two.

6. The jury declares competition results on December 10th, 2008.
7. The journalists of Uzbekistan working in mass media, irrespective of their ownership and a territorial location (area, city, region and republic) can become nominees of competition.
8. Prizes are established on four nominations:
the Best telecast;
the Best broadcast;
the Best article;
the Best Internet material.
Besides, incentive prizes on represented nominations are provided.
9. The following materials can serve as information in definition of nominees:
1) TV reporters: can represent the video data which have been removed in any video way (duration of everyone from 3 till 15 minutes), it is desirable in a colour format;
2) Radio journalists: audio materials on an audiocassette or on (duration of everyone from 5 till 15 minutes);
3) Printing editions: a copy (or an extract copy) of  each periodical in which the material is published;
4) Internet: to specify a web - site, a printing copy or the version of the declared material on D or a diskette.
The following all materials should be enclosed for short data files: First name, middle name, last name, the resume, the address, contact details, passport details.
 10. On this competition materials can be shown   published during the period from June 1st, till December, 1st, 2008 in newspapers, magazines and Internet editions in Russian, Uzbek or Karakalpak languages, video and audiocassettes with the materials  can be presented for this competition.
IV. The order carrying out of the competition
11. Journalists should present all materials to the Press-centre of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of the Uzbekistan till December, 1st, 2008 with a mark of review-competition Judicial authorities: in a sight of mass-media.
12. From the date of the announcement of the competition the regulations about the given competition will be published in the newspaper Inson Qonun of the Ministry and in some central newspapers, and also placed on a web site of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.  
V. Prizes and the order of their delivery
13. Prizes of the Ministry of Justice will be handed over to winners with participation of representatives of the ministries and departments, mass media and the public during total action in December, 2008.
14. The winners of the competition will be handed the following prizes:
3 first places       - The colour TV;
3 second places  -  Dictaphone;
3 third places     -  DVD Player;
1 place for the best Internet material - the camera.
15. Prizes of the Ministry of Justice will be awarded under the decision of jury of the competition.
16. Prizes and the diploma testifying rewarding will be handed over to winners of the competition.
17. Competition prizes are established at the expense of sponsors.
18. Competition results will be declared in republican mass media.

Special conditions
19. If some nominees collect the equal points, the voice of the chairman of jury plays a main role in determining of the winner.
For reception of additional data on competition it is possible to address:
The Press centre of the Ministry of Justice
Phone number: (998 71) 233-39-84
 Fax number:      (998 71) 233-39-84
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