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At the initiative of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan

At the initiative of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan following legal advocacy events were organized at the regional musical drama theatre named after Mulla Tuychi Tashmuhamedova in Qarshi and Chiroqchi districts of Qashqadarya and in Denov and Shorchi districts of Surkhandarya regions.
    Members of the legal advocacy group established under the Ministry of Justice, have met with about 2 thousand young men and women of these areas, and have paid their attention to the role of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan in securing the rights and freedoms of the people. Another noteworthy aspect of the event was that the youth of today who have sufficient knowledge about their personal, social, economic, political and cultural rights, and the ability to express their own point of view, a proactive stance in life.

        Also in the focus of the meeting the essence and significance of the report of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov which was devoted to the ceremony of the 18 th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Uzbekistan. Also, that the announcement of 2011 in our country the "Year of Small Business and Entrepreneurship," was specifically noted and have said that it gives a great responsibility to the youth of the country, the need to strengthen their sense of patriotism as the citizens of the country. Awesome, the essence and meaning of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its role in public life, family issues, early marriage and kinship, increasing the medical culture in families have noted during the event.

        In the course of events the importance and the actual tasks of the report of the President of Uzbekistan the Concept of deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society which was presented in the joint session of Legislative Chamber and the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of was also discussed at the event. Participants have noted that the expression of gives the youth the chance of taking place in the countrys political processes, evidence of rising their social activity.

        Also during the event, lawyers with the use of interactive methods have drawn their attention to issues of improving the culture of speech and independent thinking of young people. They spoke about the many opportunities which created in schools, on the relationship of our country with developed nations of the world in economic, political and humanitarian spheres, on the implementation of universally recognized norms and rules of international law into national legislation.

        The use of new techniques of propaganda, also opinions about the nature and significance of ongoing legal and judicial system reforms in the country which published on September 30 this year in the press of the Law "On prevention of child neglect and juvenile delinquency, as well as on the ongoing work in the enforcement of law on human trafficking.

        During the meetings the participants were presented a film about the competition, "Young lawyers - 2010", held November 30 at the Palace of Youth Creativity, with the participation of students in colleges and high schools specializing in the legal sphere, were also handed out leaflets, "Applications of citizens - in the attention the judiciary. "

        At the conclusion of the activities experts of law have identified the smart students and presented the souvenirs of the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan. According to the idea of organizers , the next event will take place in remote areas of the Tashkent region.

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