Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The winners of the competition Experts of law-2010

            By the initiative of Ministry of Justice, already second year, in all regions of the country is carrying out the competition of cheerful and smarts Experts of Law between students of colleges and lyceums which are not specialized in the legal field.      
            The aim of carrying out the named competition is to increase the legal culture of students who study at colleges and lyceums, to improve their knowledge on the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, independent thinking abilities and speech culture, as well as to increase their public activities, exposure, and stimulation of most talented students.
            In an effort on further widening the scales of competitions from 2010 year the list of partners mostly widened, in particular, it was taken joint decision of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of higher and special secondary education of th Republic of Uzbekistan and Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan foundation.
            In accordance with the conditions of competition, the regional selection stage of the competition ended in January February months of current year, and inter-territorial stage took place in april, as a result the teams which will be competing at the republican final stage had been determined.
            Final round of republican competition of cheerful and smarts Experts of Law 2010 had took place in regional theatre of musical drama named Mulla Tuychi Tashmukhammedova in Karshi city. In mentioned competition, the team of Navoi Liderado, team of Kashkadarya Musavvad, team of Khorazem Adolat, teams of Samarqand and Tashkent regions Barkamol avlod,  and Namangan, Ferghana and Tashkent city which got the tickets to final stage tried their knowledge. 
            The responsible representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of higher and special secondary education, Kashkadarya city mayors office and Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan foundation, local and republican mass media took a part in this event and expressed their views.
            The competition was conducted by 3 conditions: firstly, the teams presented their art speech directed on further increasing the legal culture in society; secondly, all teams answered the questions prepared by the Ministry of Justice. Thirdly, in the form of model and scene the teams presented their offers and recommendations on further increasing legal culture in society.
            As a result of competition, Grand prix awarded to Kashkadarya and Namangan region teams and Navai and Tashkent city teams took the first place. The second place awarded to Samarqand, Khorazem, and Tashkent region and third place awarded to Ferghana region team.
            The winners and participants of the action awarded with the diplomas I,II and III degree and valuable presents of ministrues of justice, higher and special secondary education and Forum of culture and arts of Uzbekistan foundation as well as Legal encyclopaedia of Uzbekistan which had been published by Ministry of Justice and with other  legal literatures.
Also, the winners had been awarded with the valuable gifts by Kashkadarya city mayors office and regional justice departments.
            Its worthy to notice, that mentioned competition serves as opportunities for revealing and support of talented youth.
            For example, such young boys and girls as Munisa Sanakulova from Samarqand, Orifjon Olimjonov from Namangan, thanks to the competition Experts of Law - 2009,.could display their new grains and awarded to state prize and became the winners of prestige competitions
            In 2010, Dilyora Inoyatova from Ferghana, Rakhim Karimov from Navai, Morod Masaliev from Tashkent region, Zokhid Eshchanov  from Khorazem, Firdavs Sobirov from Samarqand and Mamur Topvoldiev from Tashkent city honored with  same attention in 2010.
            How it was noted by organizers of the contest, the Competition will be carrying out annually, and the main task is going to wide their partners, revelation new talents.
            Besides, its planned to create defined privileges to winners teams and widening the scale of competition.
            Furthermore, its decided to realize actions of new ideas directed on further increasing legal culture of youth.
            At the same time its noted the necessity of attracting winners teams and organize them gala concert at Turkistan palace to the International day of protection the children.
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