Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Congratulations with the victory

        In fact, a week of informational-communication technologies InfoCom-2009 was finished in our country last week. In the context present action, in an effort exposure the best internet web-site was taken Internet festival National UZ domain 2009. 

        The web site of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan  became the absolutely winner of the competition the Best web site of total mass voting. The most interesting thing is in present festival participated more than 750 web-sites. Undoubtedly, in this present competition participating and the victory web-site of the state department have a high profile. 
        The other day in the hotel Markaziy was held the ceremony of the winners. The pres-service of the Ministry of the Justice was given the diploma of the festival, the statuette and the money prize. 
        How it was noted on the ceremony, the present success is a result of work of all members of the Justice system, at the same time will be using all efforts to improve web sites of the territorial departments and all institutions which is in the Justice system. 
        We hope that this triumph will be serving to new impulses to progress other more high boundaries. 

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